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Wang Chengxi's Plum Flower Painting Art


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Wang Chengxi's Plum Blossom Painting Art VCD
Instructed and demonstrated by Wang Chengxi
Produced by Beijing Fine Arts Association
Published by Beijing Culture and Art Audio Visual Publisher
Medium: 2 VCD discs
Subtitle: Chinese
ISRC CNC029700160

Introduction to Chinese plum-flower painting art, painting demonstration, and selected masterpieces of Wang Chengxi's painting.

A native of Henan Province, Wang Chengxi is one of China's most celebrated traditional ink artists. Since graduating from the Central Art Academy in 1966, Wang has penned numerous books on the history of Chinese ink painting as well seeing his own work snapped up by art lovers the world over. His ability to create such life-like ink paintings of the plum blossom can leave viewers wanting to reach out and touch them, so great is his attention to fine details. Mr. Wang Chengxi is the Council Member of the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association.



《王成喜画梅技法》VCD共90 分钟,由王成喜先生边画边讲梅花创作过程,层层深入,条理清楚,对画梅爱好者是难得的形象教材,同时有极高的珍藏价值。本片制作精美,在电视台演播厅精心拍摄而成。国画大师王成喜擅长画梅,他笔下的梅,除了表现梅花傲霜斗雪、玉洁冰清的气质,还体现一种舒展、明快、热烈、向上的气氛,读王成喜的梅花,留在心底的是蓬勃与昂扬。本书为中国写意画技法丛书,主要介绍了写意梅花的画法。

Painter Wang

Plum flower painting

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