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Chinese Dances, Nuo Dance & Yangge DVD


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Follow me in Chinese: Chinese Dances, Chinese Nuo Dance & Chinese Yangge Dance
Chinese Culture Series
Published by Guangzhou Audio-Visual Publishing House, 2006
Medium: DVD-5
DVD region code setting: All
Picture Format: NTSC, MPEG-2, Color
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese and English
Run time: 89 minutes
ISBN: 7885184420 / 9787885184421
ISRC: CNF280600700
EAN: 6937475383205


Chinese Dances

This documentary demonstrates the development and the characteristics of Chinese classical dances and Chinese folk dances, from which you will read a Chinese history of dances in rhythmic body language over thousands of years described.

Chinese Nuo Dance

Chinese Nuo Dance is a kind of dance in ancient sacrifice ceremony. It originates from totem worship in primitive society and develops into a kind of entertainment of folk dance in after generations. It is also called ghost dance or dancing ghost. It is a combined art of classical dance and colored pattern woodcarving. It is credited to be a living fossil of dance. This documentary introduces the show of Chinese Nuo Dance, the execution of Chinese Nuo Dance props and the process of Nuo dance in sacrifice ceremony.

Chinese Yangge Dance

Chinese Yangge Dance is an old national dance, it was originally called the song of the sun, which is sung in the ceremony of sacrifice to sun god. Chinese Yangge Dance spreads a wide range of region including the areas of the Yangtse River and the Yellow River. This documentary demonstrates the origin of Chinese Yangge Dance, its forms of performances, its different characteristics in the south and the north. A revel of Chinese folk arts will be fully displayed to you in this documentary.

中国文化系列:中国舞蹈 中国傩舞 中国秧歌



中国秧歌是一种古老的民族舞蹈,原称“阳歌”,是祭祀太阳神的一种歌舞。秧歌的普及范围之广,几乎遍及整个长江流域和黄河流域。 本片从秧歌的历史起源,表演形式以及南北秧歌不同的风格特点等方面让你充分领略到中国民间狂欢节的独特魅力。

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