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A Dream of Red Mansions DVD


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36 Episodes of Television series: Dream of the Red Mansions
Produced by CCTV Corporation
Directed by Wang Fulin
Starred by Ou Yang Fen Qiang, Chen Xiao Xu, Zhang Li, Deng Jie
Packing: 2 DVD-9 discs / box set
Subtitles: 1. Chinese; 2. English
Multi audio: 1. Mandarin; 2. Cantonese
Region code: ALL.

Hong Lou Meng

Hong Lou Meng, translated as a Dream of Red Mansions, sometimes translated as the Dream of the Red Chamber, the great classical Chinese novel written in the mid-eighteenth century during the reign of Emperor Chien-lung of the Ching Dynasty, has been widely popular throughout the last two hundred years and more. It is said be a story engraved on a stone. Legend has it that one day two immortals passed by a huge wild Mountain, bringing to the world a stone, which is said to “the one of those left by Nu Wa, a girl who used to patch up the sky with stones. The two immortals have experienced all the vicissitudes of life.

A DREAM OF RED MANSIONS is known to every household in China. It tells of the social life of many periods in the Qing Dynasty and portrays successfully a group of innocent and lovely girls suffering under the debris of a male-centered feudal society.

The TV series by CCTV explains how the Chinese feudal society die out through the declines and falls of a typical Chinese feudal family through a couple of young lovers and many girls' tragic life.

hong lou meng    a dream of red mansions
dream of the red chamber    dreams of the red mansion

The series begins with the mother-less child, Lin Daiyu - whose beauty and intelligence surpasses all - moving into her maternal grandmother's family in the capital. There, the child meets numerous relatives, one of whom is Jia Baoyu, her mother's nephew, and the heir of the family. Baoyu was borne with a jade tablet and so, is treated like a fragile egg, and is spoiled by his grandmother. He often spends his time with his female cousins and maids instead of being in his studies. One of the cousins he hangs around with is Xue Baochai.

As the story goes on, Baoyu and Daiyu eventually fall in love with each other, but Daiyu is not very well-liked by the family, and instead, the family members favor Baochai.


1    Tai-yu Parted with her Father and Went to the Capital
2    Pao-yu, Tai-yu and Pao-chai's First Meeting at the Hall of Glorious Pageant
3    Granny Liu Pays her First Visit to the Jung Mansion
4    Tai-yu Feels Slight Jealous while Meeting Pao-yu at Pao-chai's Home
5    Hsi-feng Sets a Vicious Trap for a Lover
6    Hsi-feng Helps to Manage Affairs in the Ning Mansion
7    Literary Talent Tested by Composing Inscriptions in Grand View Garden
8    Jung Mansion Had the Imperial Consorts Visitation on the Feast of Lanterns
9    A Sweet Girl Shows Deep Feeling One Quiet Day
10    A Song Awakes Pao-yu to Esoteric Truths
11    Meeting a Nightmare in Seeking after Favor
12    Tai-yu Weeps at Falling Petals
13    The Fortune Enjoys Deep Fortune and Long Life
14    Chi-chuan Dies a Heroic Death in Shame
15    Pao-yu Was Beaten for Flirting
16    Granny Liu Pays Visit to Grand View Garden
17    Hsi-feng Taken by Surprise Gives Ways to Jealousy
18    Yuan-yang Vows Never to Marry
19    White Snow and Red Plum-Blossom in the Glassy World
20    Plucky Cheng-wen Mends a Peacock-Feather Cape in Bed
21    An Evening Banquet on the Feast of Lantern Festival in the Jung Mansion
22    Ping-erh Wields Authority to Right a Wrong
23    Artful Tzu-chuan Tests Pao-yu's Feelings
24    Girls Feast at Night in Happy Red Court
25    The Profligate Secretly Takes Second Sister Yu as a Concubine
26    Hsi-feng in Jealousy Makes a Scene in the Ning Mansion
27    Lady Hsing Feels Wronged and Puts Hsi-feng in Wrong
28    Strange Omen Occurs at Night Banquet
29    Spoony Childe Writes a Dirge on Cottonrose Hibiscus
30    Drifting away of Fair Maidens from Grand View Garden
31    Spiritual Jade Was Stolen During a Bustling Feast
32    Grieving Over Tan-chun's Departure to Marry Far from Home
33    Astonished by the Heavy News of the Death of Tai-yu
34    High-and-Mighty Hsi-feng Resigned herself to Fate Spread East of Bed-Curtain
35    Collapsed Mansion Come to an End
36    A Vast and White Expanse of Immerse Universe

红楼梦 (1987年电视剧)






贾宝玉 - 欧阳奋强饰(配音瞿佳)
林黛玉 - 陈晓旭饰(配音张海玲)
薛宝钗 - 张 莉饰(配音张慧君)
贾元春 - 成 梅饰(配音黄璐璐)
贾探春 - 东方闻樱饰(配音刘柏宏)
史湘云 - 郭霄珍饰(配音张卫宁)
妙 玉 - 姬 玉饰(配音于晓林)
贾迎春 - 金莉莉、牟一饰(配音张京)
贾惜春 - 胡泽红饰
王熙凤 - 邓 婕饰(配音李真、陈阿喜)
贾巧姐 - 李端、王萱饰
李 纨 - 孙梦泉饰(配音李星珠)
秦可卿 - 张蕾、夏丽蓉饰(配音柳青)


第一集 林黛玉别父进京都
第二集 宝黛钗初会荣庆堂
第三集 刘姥姥一进荣国府
第四集 探宝钗黛玉半含酸
第五集 王熙凤毒设相思局
第六集 王熙凤协理宁国府
第七集 大观园试才题对额
第八集 荣国府归省庆元宵
第九集 意绵绵静日玉生香
第十集 听曲文宝玉悟禅机
第十一集 为争宠姐弟遭魔魇
第十二集 埋香冢飞燕泣残红
第十三集 享福人福深还祷福
第十四集 含耻辱情烈死金钏
第十五集 弄唇舌宝玉遭笞挞
第十六集 刘姥姥嬉游大观园
第十七集 变生不测凤姐泼醋
第十八集 鸳鸯女誓绝鸳鸯偶
第十九集 琉璃世界白雪红梅
第二十集 勇晴雯病补雀金裘
第二十一集 荣国府元宵开夜宴
第二十二集 判冤决狱平儿行权
第二十三集 慧紫鹃情辞试忙玉
第二十四集 寿怡红群芳开夜宴
第二十五集 贾二舍偷娶尤二姨
第二十六集 酸凤姐大闹宁国府
第二十七集 嫌隙人有心生嫌隙
第二十八集 开夜宴异兆发悲音
第二十九集 痴公子杜撰芙蓉诔
第三十集 大观园诸芳流散
第三十一集 家宅乱误窃通灵
第三十二集 伤离别探春远嫁
第三十三集 惊噩耗黛玉魂归
第三十四集 强英雄凤姐知命
第三十五集 大厦倾公府末路
第三十六集 白茫茫厚地高天

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