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How a Dead Cat was Substituted for a New-born Prince DVD


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Product: Yue (Shaoxing) Opera How a Dead Cat was Substituted for a New-born Prince (Li Mao Huan Tai Zi)
Main Cast: Wu Fenghua, Wu Suying
Performed by Zhejiang Shaoxing Xiaobeihua Yue Opera Troupe
Published by Zhejiang Literary Audio-Visual Publishing House, 2004
Media: 2 DVD discs
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese
ISBN: 7884171546
ISRC: CNE140400520

This Yue Opera is adapted from the Chinese folklore, The Fox Cat Substituted for the Crown Prince, starring Wu Fenghua and Wu Suying, the Zhejiang Shaoxing Xiaobeihua Yue Opera Troupe.

The story set in the Song Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Zhenzong. A royal consort, Lady Li, has given birth to a son. Out of jealousy (in ancient time, the first son of emperor would be conferred a title of Crown Prince on and his mother would be conferred a title of Empress on), another royal consort, Lady Liu, colludes with the Chief Eunuch, Guo Huai, to substitute the new-born prince with a skinned dead cat and gives orders to the palace maid, Kouzhu, to throw the baby into the imperial moat. Kouzhu cannot bring herself to carry out the order and turns to the Chief Eunuch Chen Lin for help. Chen secretly smuggles the young prince out to put him under the care of the Eighth Prince. Lady Liu accuses Lady Li of giving birth to an evil spirit, and the Emperor takes her word for it. He orders Li to be banished to a deserted part of the palace grounds and makes Lady Liu his queen. Twelve years later, Liu's own son, the heir to the throne, dies, and Prince Xian, on the pretext that he is willing to let his emperor brother 'adopt' his son, returns Lady Li's son to become the Crown Prince. Liu grows suspicious, and sets fire to the place where Lady Li lives, and orders Chen Lin to interrogate Kouzhu. Despite the torture, Kouzhu refuses to tell the truth and commits suicide. Lady Li, in the meantime, has found sanctuary in the mountains. Five years later, when the Crown Prince ascends the throne, Chen Lin has traced the whereabouts of his mother. At Prince Xian's birthday banquet, Liu and Guo Huai are arrested. Mother and son are finally vindicated and re-united.



Fox Cat Substituted for the Crown Prince

Fox Cat Substituted for the Crown Prince

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