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Yue Opera Melody of Longing for the Beloved DVD


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Product: Yue (Shaoxing) Opera Love Melody (Xiang Si Qu)
Starring: Fang Xuewen, Dong Kedi, Hong Ying
Performed by Zhejiang Xiaobeihua Yue Opera Troupe
Published by Zhejiang Literary Audio-Visual Publishing House, 2003
Media: 1 DVD
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese
ISBN: 788417149X
ISRC: CNE140301180

Longing for the Beloved, the Melody of Mutual Affection

This play is adapted from a selection of shot stories, Clear Words to Illustrate the World, compiled by an ancient writer Feng Menglong (1574- 1646) in the end of the Ming Dynasty. The DVD performance was presented by Zhejiang Little Hundred Flowers Yue Opera Troupe, one of the famous Yue Opera performing groups in China.
Pei Du (765- 839), a sage prime minister in the Tang Dynasty, likes music very much. The administrator of Luoyang called Feng Yin recruits lots of singer girls to to blandish Prime Minister Pei. He spends a lot of money to call Xiao’e, daughter of his teacher Huang Taixue, as a tutor to teach music for girls in the mansion of Prime Minister Pei. In ancient time, when ladies-in-waiting go went into the mansion for service, they must be the concubines of the masters.
Huang Xiao’e has engaged herself to Tang Bi, who left Luoyang for the post of Kuaiji County (when parting they play the melody of longing for the beloved). She has to live in the mansion, but still cleaves to her affiance. Later Tang Bi goes to the capital to search for his lover. Feng Yin drives him out of the capital and makes him drift in the environs. Feng also changes the name of Huang Xiao’e and sends a blind girl Qionghua to Tang Bi. Nevertheless, the blind girl leads Tang to see Xiao’e in the mansion of premier. The truth is revealed. Prime Minister Pei sends Xiao'e to Tang Bi for reunion.



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