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Yue Opera Plum Blossom in Snow - Li Sanniang DVD


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Product: New Edition Yue (Shaoxing) Opera Plum Blossom in Snow - Li Sanniang (Feng Xue Han Mei Li San Niang)
Starring: Shu Jinxia, Qiu Jinyuan, Hua Weiqiang
Performed by Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe
Published by Zhejiang Literary Audio-Visual Publishing House, 2006
Media: 2 DVD discs
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese
ISBN: 7884175959
ISRC: CNE140601010

The new edition Yue Opera Plum Blossom in Snow - Li Sanniang was adapted from a classic play book, the Romance of White Rabbit, compiled by Liu Tangqing in the Yuan Dynasty. The drama is performed by Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe.
The drama told a love story about Li Sanniang and Liu Zhiyuan (later the latter became the first King of the Late Han AD 947- 950). They loved each other as deep as the sea. After the husband Liu Zhiyuan was drafted, Li Sanniang was subject to much maltreatment by her brother-in-law Li Hongyi and his wife. She gave birth to her son in the milling shed, and the boy was sent to Liu Zhiyuan by old Dou, their neighbor, and was brought up there. Sixteen years later, Liu Zhiyuan became quite better off. One day, in chase of a white rabbit, the son met his mother by a well. At last, the family reunited.
Three excerpts from the drama, "Cutting the umbilical cord to give a birth," "Replying a letter while hunting" and "Meeting at a grindery," are performed again and again. And Li Sanniang is a diligent model Chinese women.

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