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Lumbar Support Nutrient Pills (Zhuang Yao Jian Shen Wan)


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Lumbar Support Nutrient
(Zhuang Yao Jian Shen Wan)
Packing: 525 pills per bottle
Manufactured by Gauangzhou Zhongyi Yaoye Company Ltd, China.

This is a patent remedy based on the traditional formula "Zhuang Yao Jian Shen Wan" (Pill for Strengthening Loins and Invigorating Kidney) in TCM, which is commonly used for invigorating the kidney, nourishing blood, dispelling wind-dampness, dredging meridians in cases of kidney deficiency manifested as soreness and pain of the loins, frequent micturition, impotence and nocturnal emission.


Cherokee rose (fruit)
Spathobus (stem)
Loranthus (twig and leaf)
Japanese kadsura (root)
Japanese dodder (seed)
Homalomena (rhizome)
Ligustrum (fruit).

Actions: Strengthening the loins, invigorating the kidney, dispelling pathogenic wind, removing dampness and activating the collaterals to relieve pain.

Indications: Used for lumbago due to deficiency of the kidney, arthralgia due to pathogenic wind-dampness, weak limbs, lassitude, etc. It is applicable to lumbar strain; prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc; spinal canal tenosis of lumbar vertebrae.*

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 60 pills each time, 2 ~ 3 times daily.
Do not use during pregnancy. Contraindicated for patients with fever due to common cold.

* The above statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:zhuang yao jian shen wan


功能与主治:壮腰健肾,祛风活络。用于肾亏腰痛,风湿骨痛,膝软 无力,神经衰弱,小便频数,遗精梦泄。


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