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Popular Chinese Expressions

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Popular Chinese Expressions
Authors: Li Shujuan (Chief Editor)
Publisher: Sinolingua, 1st edition, Beijing, 2007
Language: Chinese and English
Paperback, 220 x 165 mm, 179 pp
ISBN: 9787802003880

This book contains nearly 800 entries of the most popular and commonly used Chinese words and phrases of the 21st century, covering various fields such as politics, society, economy, science and technology, culture and entertainment, fashion, the Internet, work and study. With strong temporal characteristics and great vitality. Each entry includes stem, phonetic notation, definitions and examples. All stems are provided with phonetic notation and explained in English. For stems with more than one meaning, numerical notations are used to differentiate between alternate meanings. Each meaning of a word or phrase includes an example to clarify its usage.

The book is arranged in alphabetic order. All words capitalized with western letters are listed at the back of the texts. Those words will help you enlarge your Chinese vocabulary and enhance your communication with native Chinese speakers.

作者: 李淑娟主编
出 版 社:华语教学出版社
出版时间: 2008-1-1
版次: 1
包装: 平装 179页


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