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Chinese Tuina Therapy


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Chinese Tuina Therapy (English Edition)
Written by Wang Fu
Translated by Fang Tingyu and Zhang Kai
Published by Foreign Language Press, 1994
Hardcover, 120 pages.
ISBN 7119016741

Wang Fu is a well-known masseur who first served as a masseur in the Hospital Attached to the Liaoning College of TCM and later was responsible for Chinese Medicine of Liaoning magazine. Chinese Tuina Therapy is a summary of his medical experiences during his professional career. It includes thirty tuina manipulations and twenty-nine therapies for common disease.
  1. General Introduction
    1. History of Tuina Therapy
    2. The Basic Theory of Tuina Therapy: Origin of Tuina Therapy - The Theoretical Foundation of Tuina Therapy - Commonly-Used Meridians, Points and Their Indications
    3. Indications and Contraindications of Tuina Therapy: Indications - Contraindications, Precautions and Commonly-Used Points
  2. Thirty Maneuvers of Tuina Therapy
    1. Manipulations and Effects
    2. Reinforcing and Reducing Manipulation
    3. Thirty Maneuvers of Tuina Therapy: Stroking Maneuver - Pushing Maneuver - Grasping Maneuver - Pressing Maneuver - Palm-rubbing Maneuver - Rotatory Kneading Maneuver - Twisting Maneuver - Flicking Maneuver - Finger-rubbing Maneuver - Pick-up Maneuver - Pinching Maneuver - Rubbing Maneuver - Rolling Maneuver - Shaking Maneuver - Gripping Maneuver - Rotating Maneuver - Tapping Maneuver - Stretching Maneuver - Percussing Maneuver - Puncturing Maneuver - Separating Maneuver - Joining Maneuver - Back-carrying Maneuver - Holding Maneuver - Pulling Maneuver - Kneading Maneuver - Head-lifting Maneuver - Raising Maneuver - Lifting Maneuver - Stepping Maneuver
  3. The Tuina Treatment of Commonly Encountered Disorders
    1. Disorder of the Head and Face: Headache - Toothache - Facial Paralysis - Insomnia
    2. Disorder of the Neck: Stiffneck - Cervical Spondylopathy
    3. Periarthritis of the Shoulder
    4. Pain of the Upper Limbs: Brachialgia - Numbness and Pain of the Fingers - Tenosynovitis
    5. Hypertension
    6. Coronary heart Disease
    7. Hemiplegia
    8. Abdominal Disorder: Stomach Pain - Abdominal Pain - Gastroptosis
    9. Lumbocrural Pain: Discussion of Lumbocrural Pain - Acute Traumatic Lumbago - Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc - Lower Back Pain Due to Kidney Deficiency - Sequela of Fracture of the Coccyx - Foot and Ankle Sprains
    10. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    11. Gynecological Diseases: Dysmenorrhea - Mastitis - Climacteric Syndrome
    12. Miscellaneous Diseases: Obesity - Constipation - Incontinence of Urine - Arteriosclerotic Senility - Tympanites Due to Stagnation of Qi

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