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The Fist of Shaolin Eagle Sect - Techniques of Symmetric Repeate


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The Fist of Shaolin Eagle Sect - Techniques of Symmetric Repeated Attack
Instructor: Yang Wei
Publisher: Henan electronics audio-video press, 2005
Medium: 2 vcd discs
Caption: Chinese and English
Language: Chinese and English
Video: color, MPEG-2
Region code: Code free / All
Running time: Length: 81 minutes
ISBN: 7-88509-551-7 / 9787885095512
ISRC: CNF420500590

Shaolin symmetry repeated attack is, according to the basic situation of the human body & axial symmetry properties, to divide the human body into three symmetry parts. They are, top & bottom, right & left, front & back. When any part among them is subject to the outside attack, its another symmetry parts' gate is to open greatly. In real practice, avoid the real attack & fight back against the weakness of the opponent so that the enemy can be forestalled.

The Fist Table of Shaolin Eagle Sect says: The symmetry repeated attacks method is just like the fight between a person & a wolf. When you move to left side, wolf would follow & attack from the right side; When you move to right side, wolf would follow & attack from the left side; When you spring up, wolf would follow and attack from the underneath; When you fall on the ground, wolf would follow & attack from above. With this pattern, follow the pattern to avoid real attack & fight back when chances come.

This program is divided into 3 sections:
(1) Repeated attack of fist
(2) Repeated attack of palm
(3) Repeated attack of fist & kick.

主讲示范:杨维 王秀伟



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