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Old Frame Routine 1 of Chen Style Taijiquan


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Classic Routine of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts: Old Form's Routine 1 of Chen Style Taijiquan
Instructor and demonstrator: Chen Xiaoxing
Publisher: Henan Electronic and Audio-Visual Publishing House
Language: Chinese and English
Packing: 2 VCDs, Jewel Box
Regional Code: Free, all
ISBN: 7885093557
ISRC: CNF420300340

Program and Content Description

Chen Style Taijiquan, generally considered to be the oldest branch of Taijiquan, originated in Chenjiagou Village in Henan Province. It is still where Chen clan lives and practices the family art.

The Chen style taiji quan falls into two categories - the old and new frames. The old frame was created by Chen Wangting himself. It had five routines which were also known as the 13-move boxing. Chen Wangting also developed a long-style boxing routine of 108 moves and a cannon boxing routine. It was then handed down to Chen Changxing and Chen Youben, boxers in the Chenjia Valley who were all proficient at the old frame. The present-day Chen style boxing boasts of the old routine, the cannon routine and the new routine. Old Frame First Routine of Chen Family Taijiquan is the most important routine of the system, developing soft, relaxed power, special body mechanics, coordination and root. The teaching program is invited Chen Xiaoxing to perform and demonstrate and ensure its authentic spirit. Shot in Chenjiagou Village, the original place of Taijiquan.

Lecturer and demonstrator: Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Family Taijiquan Master, the head of Chenjiagou Taijiquan School.

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主讲示范:陈小星 国际太极大师 第十九世嫡传

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