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Old Frame Routine 2 of Chen Style Taijiquan


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Classic Routine of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts: Old Frame's Routine 2 of Chen Style Taijiquan
Instructor and demonstrator: Chen Bin
Publisher: Henan Electronic and Audio-Visual Publishing House
Language: Chinese and English
Packing: 1 VCD, Jewel Box
Regional Code: Free, all
ISBN: 7885092321
ISRC: CNF420200330

Program and Content Description

Chen Family Taiji Quan Old Frame Routine 2, also called Cannon Boxing, stresses hardness with softness dwelling in. While practicing, you should complete with force and in quick succession such movements as stamping, applying your force, dodging away or jumping up. Your play should be full of noble aspiration and power. Exercise Requirement: let your hand lead your body, keeping your footsteps flexible and steady. Carry yourself with confidence. Take trample, split, elbow and push as the main movements with ward off, deflect, shove and press as subsidiary. You should play quickly, hard and fiercely.

Old Frame Second Routine of Chen Family Taijiquan teaches sudden power releases, performed in fast, dynamic manner. This teaching program is invited Chen Bing to perform and demonstrate and ensure its authentic spirit. Shot in Chenjiagou Village, the original place of Taijiquan.

Lecturer and demonstrator: Chen Bing, 1st place winner of the national Taijiquan contest, the 20th generation disciple of Chen Style Taijiquan.

主讲示范:陈 炳
载体:VCD 单碟



主讲示范:陈 炳 全国太极拳冠军 第二十世嫡传人

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