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Practical Application of Chen Style Taijiquan


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Classic Routine of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts: Practical Application of Chen Style Taijiquan
Instructor and demonstrator: Chen Bing
Publisher: Henan Electronic and Audio-Visual Publishing House
Language: Chinese and English
Packing: 1 VCD, Jewel Box
Regional Code: Free, all
ISBN: 7885093522
ISRC: CNF420300300

Program and Content Description

Applications of 16 most important movements of First Routine: The teaching program is divided into 16 sections. Each section teach you the application of one movement. 1. Opening; 2. Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar; 3. Lazy Belting Clothes; 4. Six Sealings and Four Closings; 5. Dan Bian; 6. White Crane Spreads its Wings; 7. Oblique Walk; 8. Brusk Knee; 9. Advance Three Times; 10. Plum Blossoms Seattered by The Wind; 11. Black Dragon Comes Out of Water; 12. Double Push Hand exercises; 13. Pushing under Elbows; 14. Set Back & Whirl Arms on Both Sides; 15. Deflect Through Black; 16. Cloud Waving Hands

Lecturer and demonstrator: Chen Bing, 1st prize winner of the national Taijiquan contest, the 20th generation disciple of Chen Style Taijiquan.

主讲示范:陈 炳
载体:VCD 单碟


主要内容: 1、“起势”的实用方法 2、“金刚捣碓”实用方法 3、“懒扎衣”实用方法 4、“六封四闭”实用方法 5、“单鞭”实用方法 6、“白鹤亮翅”实用方法 7、“斜行”实用方法 8、“搂膝”实用方法 9、“上三步”实用方法 10、“风扫梅花”实用方法 11、“青龙出水”实用方法 12、“双推手”实用方法 13、“肘底看拳”实用方法 14、“倒卷肱”实用方法 15、“闪通背”实用方法

主讲示范:陈 炳 全国太极拳冠军 第二十世嫡传人

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